Kirsten founded Reverence Studios in 2008, and it is now celebrating its 6th year as a dance studio dedicated to sharing the hope of Jesus Christ through dance and the arts.  With nearly 300 students enrolled in its dance program, Révérence Studios is thrilled to offer students many opportunities to grow in their dancing through our touring student dance trainee program, student leadership program, spring recitals, Biblically-based dance productions, summer dance programs, and weekly dance classes.   Kirsten launched Reverence Global in 2012 in response to the urgency she feels to fulfill the calling of Mark 16:15 through local and world dance missions.  We love to promote excellence, creativity, fun, and faith through dance, and it is our desire to best serve in His Kingdom.

Congratulations to the staff, students, and studio families for making us the #1 Dance Studio in Central PA!


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