On Tuesdays I will have a post with the purpose of inspiring your walk with the Lord!  It might be a devotional or advice column or something else I might pull out of my dance bag, but I pray that it will be meaningful to you as we walk along this journey together.


Encourage:  On Thursdays I will have a fun post meant to encourage you in life and love or simply to make you laugh.  This day is also the day where I might share stories from my family, post a cute picture of Prince Caspian, or update you on our adoption process.  It’s a completely “fun” grab bag sort of day!


Equip:  On Fridays I will have a challenging and oft-educational post to help equip you to boldly live out your faith.  It might be a word study, a theological question, leadership challenge, tools for growth, or more!

Whatever your purpose for taking a few moments out of your busy life to stop by my blog, I pray that you will let the peace of God flow through you and leave encouraged.