Seth asked me what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday back in June, and I told him something different and relaxing.  He found this local company that does paint parties at people’s houses, booked them, and invited a few of my girlfriends over for a night of painting and snacks.  It was perfect and right up my alley!  Here’s what is amazing:

We were all painting the same painting, but everyone made her painting “her own.”  Everybody’s looked different!

It was so much fun that over this past weekend my Mom, our friend Michele, and I decided to have a girls’ night and go to a painting party that this company has at local restaurants.  This painting was different.  It wasn’t a still life of a flower in a pot.  It was Monet’s “Venice at Sunset.”

Claude Monet, I am not.  But, it didn’t turn out half bad:


You have to do the whole squinting thing and it’s more of an “illusion” of Venice, but still…it was fun!  Here are some lessons I’ve learned from painting:

1.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I was overly critical of my painting (as I am about everything that has to do with myself haha), but when I texted a picture of it to Seth, he was full of praise and asked where I wanted to hang it.  No really, he did.

2.  Know when to stop.  There IS such a thing as over painting and it really messes up your work.  See my water in the painting above.

3.  Everything looks better when you’re not comparing your painting to someone else’s.  There were some amazing artists and their paintings looked great.  Compared to theirs, my painting did not look so great.  But at home?  By itself?  It looked great and I was proud of it.

Right now my two paintings are sitting on our little mantle downstairs and they look really great from far away! 😉

painting 2

Ignore Prince Caspian’s toys on the floor.  He loves his crinkle tube that we got him for Christmas a while back and he claimed the Elsa and Anna balloon after my Once Upon a Time party a few weeks ago.  I haven’t had the heart to take it away from him.

The coolest thing about art?  There is a great beauty in the flaws, the imperfections of life because they are what make us all unique.