The Barefoot Sisters Southbound was one of the most interesting and disgusting books I have ever read.  It was written by these two sisters (Lucy and Susan Letcher) who walked the length of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia…barefoot (although they did wear shoes in the worst of winter).  Things I learned from this book:

1.  People who walk the entire Appalachian Trail smell really bad, but they do not care.  They make up cool Trail Names for each other, connect with each other, and help each other out along the way.

2.  A hiker’s appetite is a beautiful and disgusting thing to behold.  I’m talking…whole pizzas, onion rings, half gallons of ice cream all in one sitting.

3.  Not only is walking the AT a physically demanding thing to do, but it is a mentally demanding thing to do.  But, everyone says it is extremely worth it and everyone who has hiked it once, longs to do it again.

Susan and Lucy actually yo-yo’d and hiked back to Maine once they reached Georgia.  If you are interested in hiking, the Appalachian Trail, or interesting reads, I would highly recommend it!

*Note: This is not a Christian book, so it does have language in it.
love idol
I am a people-pleasing perfectionist, and I have waged a battle with it my entire life.  I hate when people get upset at me, which kind of sucks when you own a business, because there are times when people get upset at you because the buck stops with you (and then turns around and goes back out again, haha).  I care deeply about the people who are a part of Reverence and I strive to be a servant leader.
But, I am human.  And so whenever I inevitably make a mistake, no matter how hard I work or what I try to do to prevent it or correct it, sometimes people get upset at me and I cry in my room at night about it (haha). My mom always calls and says,”Are you human, Kirsten? Did you do the best that you could do and release it to The Lord?”  Seth always goes,”You don’t need to be Superwoman, you just need to be my woman.” Haha–what would I do without my voices of reason?
Thankfully, the Lord has been setting me free from that over the past few years, but it definitely is still a daily struggle.  That’s why this book came along at the right time–a time when I was majorly struggling with letting people down.  I know in my head all the verses about pleasing God above others, but this book was a great encouragement to me that it’s time to release all that.  If this is a struggle for you, I would encourage you to pick up this book!  I’ve been learning to daily surrender my need for approval so that I can humbly receive compliments when they come and not be crushed by the criticism. And it feels great!
duck commander
Ya’ll (see how I did that?) know how Seth and I love Duck Dynasty.  We laugh so hard every week!  This book was my pre-recital treat to myself, and it was SO good!  Each of the women tell their stories and give insights into life and family and faith.  Great read!
And finally…the one fiction book that I’ve read in these past two months…
Bodie and Brock Thoene ALWAYS deliver on fiction.  This was another great read!