About Kirsten

Hi there and welcome to my website!

Hi there and welcome to my website!

I’m Kirsten, and I live in Central PA with my dear husband Seth and our naughty black cat Prince Caspian.  Five years ago I followed God’s call on my life to step out in faith and open Reverence Studios, a dance studio dedicated to sharing the hope of Jesus Christ through the arts and have been honored to see how God has taken Reverence from my dream into a worldwide ministry.  In addition to running Reverence Studios and teaching dance classes, I’m also a writer, adventuress, traveler, reader, runner, yoga enthusiast, and movie geek.   I am inspired by courage, captivated by the mystery of Christ in the every day, and allured by the prospect of escaping to cozy bookstores.  And, as if we didn’t have enough adventure happening in our lives, my husband and I are in the process of adopting!  All of these things come second to my love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You can find me on Twitter here.

I am a contributor for the blog Simple Wives (www.simplewives.com), and have had other articles and devotionals published on a variety of different venues that I am working on linking to this site.

Recent Blog Posts

Monet, I am not (and other lessons from painting)

Seth asked me what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday back in June, and I told him something different and relaxing.  He found this local company that does paint parties at people’s houses, booked them, and invited a few of my girlfriends over for a night of...

5 Years!

I’m deliberately timing this post to publish at 11AM today…exactly five years since our wedding ceremony began on October 10, 2009.  Five years–wow!  It feels like a big milestone (although, we celebrate every anniversary like it’s a big...

The 21st Century Church…is it worth it to change?

I’ve read a lot of articles lately on why my generation, the millennials, are leaving the Church in droves.  Some of the articles are good and some leave me saying, “Clearly you are not a millennial, sir.”  They say similar things such as millennials...